Our latest edit - Makeup/Wash Bags, Chair Pads & Floor Cushions, Pet Beds in rugged Canvas


2021 Collections

Curated offerings

coordinated living

Thabisa is a platform for selling design led brands. Thabisa will bring to market a limited set of curated merchandise from select brands and it's own, that will be a joy to own and use. 


our commitment

Thabisa means to "bring joy" in Zulu. In line with this ethos, Thabisa will stand by this commitment to offer only the highest quality products. Thabisa products are thoroughly tested for durability and defects and will serve it's owner purposefully in the years to come.


experience in Manufacturing

Thabisa has decades of experience in sourcing and manufacturing for the global market. It therefore is in a unique position to offer niche products that are well designed, high in utility and built to last.