Buddleia: Your Invitation to Garden Soirées

India may not have celebrated spring with the peak summers we experience, but if you are one to take notice of the change in winds, the flora and the fauna, you can’t help but see the quite beautiful ways in which the tides of the season change.

The art and artist

We wanted to create something that captures the essence of spring and so we asked our friend, Valli (IG handle), who is a botanical illustrator, to help us out. She is a creator by profession and passion and is an avid gardener herself so the collaboration seemed fitting.

She chose the enchanting Buddleia bush as her muse- a slender plant with sweet nectar that plays host to the ballet of birds and butterflies. Through her illustrations, we meet the garden's winged guests: the luminescent Purple Rumped Sunbird and the ethereal Common Jezebel Butterfly.

This collaboration brings our vision to life; it uses a combination of a minimal colour palette and a blend of cotton and linen textures. It’s more than just a collection to look at—it’s an experience. It invites you to linger, to touch, and to marvel. You can browse through kitchen and dining essentials, chair pads, and aprons in our collection.

The Buddleia Collection comes in two subtle hues: the neutral Buddleia - Natural and the lilac hued Buddleia - Orchid

How to incorporate Buddleia into your home

  1. Add in table cloths which acts as a perfect canvas for your cutlery and flowers.
    (Featured here is our Table Cloth in Buddleia - Natural)
  2. Elevate the look with table runners that unifies the table setting and adds a layer of sophistication and texture.

    (Featured here is our Table Runner in Buddleia - Natural)

  3. Placemats to protect and compliment the base layer.
    (Featured here is our Place Mats in Buddleia - Natural)
  4. Napkins are a hallmark of refined hosting and speaks volumes for your attention to detail.
    (Featured here is our Napkins in Buddleia - Orchid Hush)
  5. Mix and match printed textures with solids to bring the whole setting together.

    (Featured here is our Table Cloth and Table Runner in Buddleia - Orchid Hush)

  6. What's more impressive than a beautiful table setting? Its practical elegance. Our products are acrylic coated to make clean-up a
    (Featured here is our Aprons, Chair Pads, Table Runner and Napkins in Buddleia - Natural)

There’s nothing like the warm welcome of your own home. The Buddleia collection adds an extra layer of warmth and joy to it. 

Thabisa inherently means to bring joy and we are proud to present the collection that does just that.


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