Evolution of our designs

At THABISA, we strongly believe in the essence of our name which means ‘to bring joy’.

Everything we do is designed and manufactured in house with utmost  care. We can tell you with confidence that our mission has always been and will continue to be, to create delightful products for the well heeled Indian to experience an #unhurriedlifestyle. Here is a peek into our home textiles brand, Linenology.

Going back to the beginning… Our first design actually came out of helping a friend come up with a rose design that he was looking to build into products. For various reasons, those products did not materialize and we fell in love with our very first rose design which is now our famous English Rose. This certainly was not our last. Creating delightful products from our English rose design started the THABISA movement - to bring joy to our customers - and we have not looked back. 

English Rose

This of course was way back in Feb 2016. Since then, we have created various unique designs that we absolutely love.

Next on the cards was the Cup and Saucer design. Inspired by the Old English country side and tea and crumpets! 

Cup & Saucer

Chick & Egg was a fun play on breakfast that was really popular. 

Chick & Egg

Mixing it up a bit, we decided on our Abstract design with a mixed palette including the African Safari which can be taken anywhere in the wild as it blends in so well!

Abstract Black, White, Safari

Of course our first love being roses, we could not help mixing a classic design with a mixed palette and thus the Vintage Rose was born. And not wanting to waste any inspiration, we also did the Geo pink which is a playful geometric design with some colours from our previous palettes. 

Vintage Rose & Geo Pink

And that brought us to the holidays where we celebrated Christmas in style with our Happy Holly. Rich hues, inspired by holly with red berries, snowflakes, pine cones, christmas foliage and the stars. It practically screams cinnamon, eggnog and sugar cookies! 

Happy Holly

That then led us into spring where we could not resist doing a garden theme and our meticulously hand drawn Ladybird design was created. Inspired from all our beautiful Ladybirds and Dragonflies. 


Inspired by our colourful Indian past came the India Ink design. A modern take on a age old tradition. Beautiful blue hues and touches of white, just in time to celebrate summer. 

India Ink

Our products can be viewed by design at https://thabisa.shop under Designs.

Phew - who knew that helping a friend would lead to such a wonderful adventure. Look out for our upcoming blogs where we will tell you of all the interesting facts about our manufacturing; the weaves; our raw ingredients and colour selections of our product! Know what a skein is? We’ll be explaining that soon!

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