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“The first principle of all action is leisure.” — Aristotle

The key to a healthy life? Taking things slow, unhurried, unfazed. Even life’s greatest philosophers, writers alike have professed the importance of taking things slow. Its one of the first thoughts we tell ourselves and others when things don’t seem right. It is the basic principles of human life, our natural reaction.The meaning of slow life may be different for each person. For some it may be organizing their belongings, listening to their favorite playlist of songs while sipping on tea or even taking a long hot beauty shower. Indulge in the little things you can do at home, like adding some colour and comfort in cushions and cotton towels. What better place than home to find means of leisure. Do yourself favours to slow down, breathe and take one step at a time. 

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Make your cushions your best friend with our Geo Lime cushion covers. Cuddle up and reflect on life whilst watching a movie, reading a book or even just staring into the void. Brighten up your home with colourful cushions if that’s what suits your vibe. When you’re feeling lethargic, curl up and snore away to glory, life is not a race. Great things can come out of taking a break you know? Russian Chemist Dmitri Mendeleev solved and formulated the groundbreaking periodic table of elements in his sleep. 

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Or you could be an Archimedes who famously discovered the law of buoyancy in the shower shouting “Eureka!” Hold your own concerts, win debates in the shower or even just admire yourself in the mirror wrapped in your favourite comfy towel. Indulge yourself, use that soft linen towel you saved for the guest on yourself. A vibrant towel can make your bath experience a whole lot exciting. Who knows, maybe you might even unveil the mysteries of the universe.

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You could go back in time to experience what Emperor Shen Nung did when he first discovered tea. It is said that tea leaves accidentally flew into a pot of boiling water that left a pleasant smell which intrigued the Emperor. Pamper yourself with a freshly brewed cup of tea, something the great pioneer Emperor describes as a liquid that investigates every part of your body. Bring out your tea cosy to tickle your soul, sit back and enjoy your hot tea in royalty. You deserve to feel as cosy as the tea you brew.

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Be an Oscar Wilde who once said, “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” Embrace yourself, take time out and do the things you like to fall in love with yourself. Bring out your abstract makeup bag full of all your favourite products to self indulge in some skincare. Sit with yourself and dive through your makeup bag to find the exfoliator, moisturizer, face wash, lip balm, foundation and what not you haven’t touched since lockdown. A little bit of ‘me time’ never hurts.

Life is too short to be pacing through it. 

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Once again, take it slow and steady in your own time. Make the slow change and you will find yourself feeling a lot more comfortable in this fazed world. Do things in the comfort of your own home. After all, some of the greatest minds the world has seen came to fame when life did its thing of unhurrying. Take a nap, sip some tea and sit back as life begins to unfurl. You might be surprised with what you discover in this bizarre reality we call life. 

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