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Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast, You also miss the sense of where you are going and why - Eddie CantorAs we navigate through this new season of change, where viral Instagram challenges and zoom calls are all the rage, we’re doing our best to embrace the time we have on our hands. We have found ourselves at Thabisa, slowing down and adapting to the current pace of life and living the unhurried lifestyle. 

From finding joy in our daily chores to cooking up a storm in the kitchen, we’re taking small steps towards maintaining a positive outlook by refocusing our energies by engaging in simple activities at home. 

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 Daily Chores

“Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need.” – Sarah Ban BreathnachWhether we’re making the bed, sweeping the floor or folding our clothes, it is important to make time every day to do our daily chores. Our chores give us a sense of direction and responsibility and can help us feel a sense of motivation during the day. Additionally, pitching in to help our family members at home is a great way to work together and be part of a team. 

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In The Kitchen Cooking and Baking is a wonderful way to help us stay present and aware of our surroundings. It gives us the opportunity to train our minds to live in the now. Cooking and baking do not necessarily need to be a rushed experience. The art of chopping, kneading, marinating, and whipping gives us the chance to anchor our minds to bring our awareness to the culinary task at hand. Paying attention to the sight, sound, textures, and smell of our work is a great way to enjoy the joys of cooking and baking. 

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For You By MeChildren usually have an infectious amount of energy to play, liberate and keep themselves active. To suddenly deprive them of their daily planned activities can be received harshly. Introduce your child to various home activities. Eat together as a family, play board games or even get them to help you with some fun cooking in the kitchen. This could allow your child to explore various other means to keep their mind and body engaged.

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Tend to your plantsThe simple act of planting a seed with intention, experiencing the texture of soil and watering our plants can be a transformative experience. Step into your garden and spend some time growing your plants. Watch your plants blossom, flourish and bloom. This signifies a new beginning for us in the garden. You connect with nature and your mind feels free. It’s the indefinite water movement and purpose that has the power to reduce all stress and helps focus on well-being.

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Focusing on mindful activities that can easily be woven into our day to day lives, is important during these tough times. Let us take the time we have to heal, learn, grow and just be. 

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