An interpretation of the popular India Ink, translated into a collection of contemporary home and everyday accessories.

“Oh, squiggly line in my eye fluid. I see you lurking there on the periphery of my vision.” - Stewie Griffin

Reflective of an artist’s hand-painting imperfect line is a unique collection of India Ink products across our product range.

India Ink Colours - Indigo & Eggshell

Each of our collections have a story to tell, a journey that starts with inspiration, mood boarding, design evolution and a history of its own. We revisit one of our favorite collections, inspired by the Indo-China Ink trade, the beautiful India Ink. Our collection is a reflective journey of the rich Indigo ink from China making its way to India, and its influences in Indian prints and Dravidian scriptures. Our collection comes in two unique variations, perfected with a rotary print using bright Indigo and Eggshell. We look back on a truly indulgent collection of India Ink home decor and accessories.

Indigo Tote Bag, Beach Bag & Wash Bag

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Take Everywhere Totes

Our range of India Ink totes are designed to stand the test of time. Sturdier than your average bag, they are designed to carry your day to day essentials and are also versatile enough for work, travel, or shopping. Our totes are crafted with a cotton canvas and comes with an inner zipped pocket to hold your valuables.

Eggshell Tote Bag

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Elegant Decor Essentials  

We believe that a relaxed, living space setting manifests naturally when combining elements that are warm and cozy, and our India Ink cushion covers are the ideal accessories.

Cushion Covers

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Quintessential Everyday Companions

The India Ink wash bags, makeup bags, and multipurpose accessory bags are indispensable add-ons and are perfectly sized to fit all your essentials.

Wash Bags & Makeup Bags

Seating In An Instant

Our India Ink floor cushion is designed for extra comfort. They are crafted with a sturdy acrylic coated canvas outside and non-siliconized polyfill filling. Great additions to accessorize your bare spaces and spend a day outdoors.

Floor Cushions

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Designed for your Daily Rituals

Our acrylic coated canvas laundry bag is a great way to keep yourself organized with the laundry. They are ideally sized for small bathrooms, and can be folded up and kept in your cupboard when not in use! 


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