Monsoon Rituals

“The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house. All that cold, cold, wet day. “ – Dr Seuss

It’s that time of the year of cold winds, cuddly mornings and damp afternoons. Monsoon is the season to sit back, sip tea and enjoy life at our own pace. This gloomy season,  in Greek mythology, marks the time of Persephone’s return to the underworld as the earth becomes barren and her mother Demeter weeps. In the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, the six months of cold, sleepy climate starts and ends on different dates, but one thing remains the same; the feeling of doing nothing but cuddling under your blanket, sleeping, reading or sipping tea. 

We all have a monsoon routine of doing our favourite things this time of the year, and we are here to share ours!

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Waking up after your nth round of sleep on a monsoon afternoon to drink a warm cup of tea is the perfect way to enjoy the rains. This profound feeling is complete with piping hot tea, as you inhale the herbal steam while watching the endless rain.  To get this wholesome experience, cover your teapot with our elegant tea cosy. Shop our elegant Cup & Saucer Tea Cosy at

After relishing on some good hot tea, turn on the geyser and prepare yourself for a long hot shower. Get your face mask on, your favourite scented body wash, warm clothes to change into and most importantly, a super soft towel. Let your skin soak in the warmth; your senses ease in the steam, and after that? Cover yourself in the softness of our fast absorbent, 100% cotton Waffle Towel. Embrace yourself in cuddly softness. Shop our 100% organic Waffle Towels at

While wrapped in our Waffle Towel, wallowing away the time, don’t forget to store away your secret bath stash you saved for special moments like this. Pull out our handy Wash Bag and store all your luxurious bath essentials in order. The acrylic coated pockets help conveniently store your personal care items, especially when you have to take it along with you on a trip. This time, let’s use it to keep your favourite things. Explore our India Ink Wash Bag at

Once you are out of the shower, get ready for some more relaxation. Cook up your favourite hot food, like a bowl of ramen, a good pasta or whatever is your comfort food. Make sure you keep our indispensable, fast-absorbing napkin by your side to save you from spills and stains. This versatile napkin is perfect for all rainy day occasions.  We don’t need the worry of cleaning up spills ruining our day of relaxation now, do we? Discover our Canary Yellow napkins at

These are the simple things that make our rainy days unhurried. We all have different ways of easing; it could be anything from a day spent cleaning to a day spent relaxing. Do whatever makes you live slow and brings you joy. Take these monsoon days of being at home to revel in the comfort and happiness of unhurried living. 

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