“Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”

- Leonardo Da Vinci

Soulful living is all about the joy of simplicity, less is more is the most accurate definition. Living in a world full of clutter and turmoil, it is absolutely imperative to keep your mind and home minimal, simple, clean. Decluttering your home, in turn, clears your mind giving space for peace and joy in life; the ultimate path to soulfulness. If you haven’t done this before then try it now. Clean your home to feel the sense of ease seeping into you and your surroundings. Watch as the whole mood shifts into positive vibes. Cleaning, organizing, decluttering are the underrated magical moments of life. 

To make life easier, we have listed a few things we think might help you live the true simple, happy life. Small, meaningful, minimal moments that can make a difference. 

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A soulful home is a happy home, right? The decor, the small curios, the vibes of your home reflect the state of mind you are in. A little bit of colour, a little design, an accessory can elevate the way you feel both physically and mentally. Imagine walking into your house and seeing beautiful colours and decor that brings a smile on your face? That’s what soulful simplicity is about. Finding joy from things as simple as a pretty cushion. Our India Ink cushion covers are a perfect match for an elegant, sophisticated feel in your home. 

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Sometimes the soulful feeling comes out of sitting out in your garden or balcony to enjoy a glimpse of the outdoor in the evening. Bring a book or a warm cup of tea to enjoy your time in harmony. Let the evening breeze brush through your hair and the magic of golden hour bring positivity in your life. Relish the moment in comfort and by that, we mean with our 100% cotton, elegant chair pads that you can relax on without worry. Isn’t that feeling amazing?

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What better way to explain soulful simplicity than with a cup of hot brewed tea. A drink that warms the soul, calms the mind and brings happiness to your life. Morning or evening, a hot cup of tea with biscuits is the ultimate form of relaxing in India. Just the thought of the aromatic steam and the fresh flavour of it is making our mouth water. Since tea is best enjoyed when hot, cover it with our cotton and polyester filling tea cosies. It comes in a variety of patterns so you can sip your tea in style. 

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These are just some ways of enjoying a simple, soulful life. For each person, it may be different. Find what brings you joy, a way of living the unhurried lifestyle, The key to a successful life is living it happily and soulfully. A corner, a hobby or any simple activity or object can help distract you from the worries of the world. After all, what is life without the pleasure of soulful simplicity? 

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