The Nature Fix

“Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience”

- Ralf Waldo Emerson 

It is no secret that nature has her way of calming us down when things get too messy. The world was meant to be lived slowly, unhurriedly but we were running a race. Nature had other plans for us, it slowed us down to a point where time stood still and the birds were out singing in the breeze, the fish were back swimming in the stream. Nature has her way of drawing our attention to her when we stray too far by bringing us back to her. 

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You could simply start by dining out in your garden or terrace with the cool breeze and the fresh flowers. Dining alfresco with your loved ones or by yourself helps you bond with nature, others and oneself. Spread out our Geo Lime Tablecloth for a nature-inspired meal time. Serve up your favourite dishes and a refreshing drink on a lively coloured table cloth to boost the mood. 

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Maybe even a fine picnic outing with your family might do the trick. The excitement of the great outdoors all packed in one basket is something that can spark joy. Pack all your favourite snacks, drinks and more in our multi-pocketed Ladybird Picnic Bag. Sit among the trees in your backyard or even in the boot of your car while on a road trip and share a laugh with your loved ones. These are memories, moments and magic that will stay in your life forever. 

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“The earth has music for those who listen” - George Santayana

Sit back, relax and enjoy the music of the earth on your backyard, beach or at the park (but remember to stay safe and wear a mask). Take a break for your body and mind and spend some time with the environment. Enjoy the comfort of nature on our polyester padded Ladybird Picnic Rollup. Reminisce in the cool breeze, the warmth of sunlight, the positivity of nature. 

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You can even enjoy all the greatness of nature and outdoors in your backyard garden. The flowers bloom and shower you with the same and maybe even more love than you give it. That’s the thing about mother nature, she has an abundance of love to give, just like our own mothers. Tend to your plants while keeping yourself clean with our Ladybird Garden Kneeler. Sing to them, talk to them or tell them your small secrets

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Nature can help heal you, in more than just one way. This gift of life is what makes us unique from all the other planets in the universe. The very source of our existence without which we cannot survive. Being one with nature is more than just enjoying the outdoors, it is also choosing the unhurried lifestyle through ethical safe brands that care for the environment just as much as you. Choose to care for yourself and the planet. Heal yourself, live life in the natural flow and remember to take a deep breath when life begins to rush.

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