The Simple Joys of Daily Routines

“Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough .” – Emily Dickinson

 In today’s bustling world of hurry, movement and constant newsflash, one tends to forget the little joys of life. What are these simple joys? It is the happiness you derive from daily inane activities. From a hot shower to baking your favourite delights, these mindful routines can make you feel calm, joyous and full of life. These little moments no matter how trivial it may be can bring back the joy of unhurried living. Our favourite joys are simple, mindful activities in and around the house. They are effortless, affordable and comforting little things we do every day but with a twist. 

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 Have you ever noticed how an activity as plain as a bath can be exciting and elevated with the simple addition of something new? It could be a new shampoo, soap or even, our Patridge Eye Towel. The thrill of having something new in our daily routine can have a profoundly positive effect. It can boost our mood, make us feel excited and happy! Enjoy a little me time after a shower in the cosy comfort of our Patridge Eye Towel as it embraces you and brings a smile to your face. 

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Things around the house can make you happy. The littlest quiet corners, the outside patio, anywhere to lounge around in ease. The simple joy of kicking back into your favourite spot, well relaxed and rejuvenated just does something to amp up the mood. There is nothing more soothing than settling into the pleasure of our Floor Cushions with a book or a cup of tea in hand. 

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Simple joys are even the most obscurely small things like sipping tea. In fact, tea is known to relax and destress the body and mind with its herbal and therapeutic effect. A rather unhurried and nonchalant daily routine, it is the kind of simple yet pleasurable joy that makes a difference. Add a little more spark to the moment by keeping your tea warm in our Chick & Egg - Blue Fog Tea Cosy, and All Purpose Towel on the side. 

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The greatest joy one can feel is a simple meal with loved ones. The laughter, the jokes and the jolly that spreads across the air during a mealtime together can bring positivity into your life. Dining together in the warmth of our Limonium Table Runner can bring you closer with your dearest and nearest. An extremely undermined gesture of joy. 

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Remember, it is the little joys in life that count. The smiles, the moments of happiness and the tingly feeling of excitement and calm even from your daily routine are what helps us keep going. Find the simple joys or add a bit of fun to your everyday activities and believe us, it’s worth it. 

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