Embracing New Beginnings

New beginnings are a recurring theme in all of our lives. Whether a new chapter, a new phase of our lives or a new year, we always start afresh. However, not without looking back and reflecting on all what we have learnt, overcome and can improve as we start anew .Let us take a moment to give thanks and embrace new beginnings as we turn a fresh leaf. 

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It is no doubt at all that 2020 has been a tumultuous year throughout the globe. Faced with unexpected circumstances, this year really took us all on a ride as it shook the world, opening our eyes to what needs to change. The most important lesson we learnt is to focus our energy on what really matters and to live a life that is unhurried and graceful. That is why with the coming new year, it is important to redecorate our homes with the vibe we want to carry forward and our Ladybird collection is just perfect for the calm, earthly tones. 


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Other times, even while we move forward into new beginnings we often tend to take things we are close to with us. It could be a token, a memory, a style or anything that is close to our hearts. It could be as simple as a bag that carries with it memories of fun times. Our India Ink Tote Bag is one that reminds us of the beaches, as the breeze brushes through our hair and the waves soothe our feet. These are things that remind us to be happy, that bring a smile on our faces and make us feel comfortable.


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However, one cannot start anew without acknowledging the past. It is undoubted that this year had us all sitting at home, trying to find ways to be active. No matter how dreary and long the days were, one thing goes without saying, that our homes became our best friend. This year helped us realize just how important our homes were and how the way we keep it can affect our life. We began to pay more attention to the little, finer things that make a home, as simple as a tablecloth, bags and chair pads. It gave way to newer designs into our lives, like our launch, the Manic Madras that helped brighten up homes. 


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This new change was not only important for us, but for our little furry friends too. As our pets were also unable to step out of the house during lockdown, it was imperative to let them feel comfortable, stable and loved. Since they had just as hard a time as us, it is important that we help our pets enjoy the year in comfort and bliss. Let them wind down in the warmth of our new Kiko & Patch pet bed as they welcome new beginnings in hope and joy. 

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All said and done, this past year was nothing short of surprises and exciting newer ideas to explore. It taught us to appreciate our outdoors a lot more than what we did before. It was a reminder to take life slow and in nature’s time. We saw a sudden shift of mood at homes into something that was inspired by nature and the longing to be outside. This feeling gave way to the launch of our new, nature-inspired design, Sparrows.


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As Alexander Graham Bell once said, ‘When one door closes, another opens” and as for us, it is time to embrace the new beginnings.

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