Sparrows : Bring Nature Indoors

"Look at the sparrows; they do not know what they will do in the next moment. Let us literally live from moment to moment.“ - Mahatma Gandhi


The past year has taught us a lot, but most importantly, it taught us to love and appreciate nature and it’s little wonders. During a time when all of us were all agonizingly stuck at home, craving a little more than a glimpse of the outside, we at Thabisa, decided to put your heart at ease. We unveiled our new nature-inspired design, Sparrows in Burnt Chilli and Cameo Blue.

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Why Sparrows? These petite birds are nature’s little form of playfulness and positivity. Their free-spirited melodies in the morning as they visit your balcony in flocks often reminds us to calm down, breathe and enjoy the little things. This creative ease of the outdoors is what we channeled into our design, Sparrows. A feeling you are sure to experience when you sit outside in the comfort of our Sparrows Chairpad, as it embraces you in its warmth, leaving you feeling full and calm.

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Our new design brings the positive energy of these melodious birds into your living space. Having an element of nature in your home ushers in a sense of calmness, joy and radiance. That is why Sparrows is available in a wide range of fine living essentials to accessorize your home with. From bags to dining and kitchen essentials, the choice is yours.

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With detailed prints on fine fabric, Sparrows is ideal for both casual brunches and high tea with friends and family as the elegant design comes in a full matching dining set of napkins, placemats and a table cloth. Sparrows not only look dashing as dining and kitchen essentials but also compliments a lovely look in Makeup bags and Wash bags for an outdoorish charm.

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This refreshing new design is surely here to stay. It adds a touch of uniqueness and class, something so rooted in nature. Whether it’s a grocery run or a visit to the park or a weekly routine run to your local bookstore, our Sparrows designed Book Bag is sure to catch some eyes for its freshness. It makes one feel good, happy and adds a skip to your step as you strut about in your sprightly new bag. 

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Or even if you are inviting someone over for a casual brunch or an intimate tete-a-tete, Sparrows is bound to be a conversation starter and make one feel at ease. Its soothing charm beckons the joy of nature. What’s better than having a range of fine dining essentials in Sparrows to brighten up the mood whether you are dining indoors or out.

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 These are the little things that go a long way in setting the aura of your home. Our Sparrows collection of unhurried living essentials is here to make us feel one with nature while adding a pop of colour and enthusiasm to our living space. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of nature in their homes? 

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